ULA Stages Festive Robe Roadshow - ROBE lighting

ULA Stages Festive Robe Roadshow

18 January 2013

Robe’s Australian distributors, The ULA Group, staged an action-packed, multi-city Roadshow just ahead of the Festive Season, which visited 11 cities in six states nationwide, showcasing Robe’s latest LED Wash and Beam, DL and MMX series’.

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ULA Stages Festive Robe Roadshow

The demonstrations were led by ULA’s Tony Lukeman and John Buchanan, who split the locations between them.

In each city, the general demo format consisted of comprehensive product presentation followed by the chance for in-depth Q&A and closer examination of the products. Additionally, one-to-ones were arranged for key clients and potential customers.

This was followed by ‘Open House’ time where everyone could relax, mingle and socialise, which also offered the opportunity for the ULA team to gain important and direct feedback from their clients and end users. It also proved a great way to thank everyone for their support throughout 2012 approaching the end of a mega-busy and successful year for ULA, Australia’s leading entertainment technology sales company.

All were universally impressed by the latest Robe products and the Roadshow was a massive success!

People were amazed at the features and functionality of the DL series and completely blown away by the ROBIN MMX WashBeam in particular, which all involved agree was the highlight of the demonstration – both Roadshow guests and the ULA crew.

They concluded that the MMX WashBeam is a great multi-purpose fixture offering a unique combination of features – including rotating gobos for stunning aerial effects and an innovative set of internal barndoors - putting it in a class of its own.


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