Robe Roadshow in South Africa - ROBE lighting

Robe Roadshow in South Africa

12 November 2012

Robe’s South African distributor DWR co-ordinated a hugely successful 2012 Roadshow event which was attended by over 200 people in three major cities – Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town – highlighting Robe’s latest technologies and newest launched products.

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Robe Roadshow in South Africa

Robe’s CEO Josef Valchar and Sales Director Harry von den Stemmen joined the DWR team of Duncan Riley, Nic Britz, Dave Whitehouse and Debbi Tucker and helped demonstrate Robe’s new ROBIN series products including the DL range, the Actor series and the ever popular LEDWash and LEDBeams.

The events – staged at three high profile venues - The UJ Theatre Johannesburg, the Natal Playhouse in Durban and the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town - were attended by a wide variety of key people.

From rental company representatives to LDs and visual designers working in all sectors, from freelance technicians to club owners and venue operators, all jumped at the chance to see Robe’s latest products close up and in action.

News spread like wildfire on the hyperactive SA production industry grapevine and  several people rocked up at the events because they had been called by someone else already there and told there was some ‘must see’ products and a great atmosphere.

“The fact that Robe’s top two people were there in person means a huge amount,” comments Duncan, “It’s amazing for those here who are using the products day-to-day or for others thinking of making an investment to see someone like Josef actually demonstrating the products he’s also designed. The fact that Robe will make that commitment to us is really impressive”.

Robe ROBIN DLX Spot, DLF Wash and DLS Profile all attracted huge interest, in particular the DLF, which is a real ‘show-stopping’ product for theatres, TV studios and any other application needing a high quality LED-based fresnel lightsource with super-smooth shadow-free output.

The LEDWash Series continues to be a big seller in SA, as does the tiny mega-bright LEDBeam100, with DWR even selling 24 of these – completely spontaneously - at one of the Roadshows.

Harry von den Stemmen enthuses, “These demo tours have become an annual event in SA, and as long as customers are interested in seeing see our latest products, we will continue.”

He was “Well impressed” by the effort made by DWR and with the venues that keep supporting Robe. “It’s a great way to bring products direct to the customer,” he sums up.

Josef concludes, "It is the first time I have been on the whole demo ‘tour’ – taking in all three cities - which was an excellent experience. Every event was busy and had its own rhythm, and we’re really pleased with the outcome”.

He adds “Apart from that ….. I enjoyed the opportunity of meeting with old friends as well as seeing new faces. It goes without saying that we all love to come to South Africa. It’s become a nice routine that’s always spiced up with excellent food and beverages and, for insiders, I really enjoy the braai, the Castle and the grapes".


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